FC Bayern On European Stage Only Second-rate

Bavaria’s UEFA Cup Abendteuer ends in the debacle it could have been so wonderful. After the success of the Cup and the Championship expected, FC Bayern Munich wanted to insert with a victory against Zenit St. Petersburg in the final of the UEFA Cup. There, you would have then brought up his third title and made the triple perfect. But first, it is different, secondly as you think. While the Munich in the Bundesliga from the outset front marched away they had found great difficulty in their usual combination game on the international stage.

Lay it on the small stages or partly unknown opponents or the millionaires of the FC Bayern had simply not interested in the cup of losers\”, as the Emperor Franz Beckenbauer, even contemptuously called him to play. It seemed they had forgotten how to playing football. The first games against Belenenses were obtained with much effort, convince Bayern could not here however. Strained winner of Champions League of 2001 against awkward opponents in the group stage and had been there more good fortune than his class on his side. Against Belgrade, the famous Bayern good luck helped when the game was still shot in the last 4 minutes. The match against Bolton Wanderers showed the weakness of Munich for the first time. The players went quiet it with a guide in the back and were promptly punished as there was only a draw. Also against Braga, the last bite was missing and so that they could red and whites where only a draw claim.

The 6-0 victory over Salonika is deceptive, because the opponent was just too tame. In the following sections, a red thread through the Bayern game moved always. As soon as they were in the lead, they took the pace out of the game and tried the result over time to bring.