Family Or Career ?

Once I realized that the career of this – not the most important thing that exists around us. While officials and careerists are considering your career, I'll try to enjoy fellowship with friends, make new acquaintances sports and more – that interests me. Unnatural to spend time only for career growth, meanwhile, how about we have so many amazing and beautiful. For even more details, read what Danny Meyer says on the issue. Reflecting on this, I always think of my friend, who studied with me at the same university and then worked in a nearby office. So, here's this friend of mine Anne never was upset because of their work. Her philosophy is that only children – the foundation of success for any woman.

And what same? Today she has two beautiful sons, who help her in everything. And maybe if she had not thought about their children, putting the basis of a career, her children would not have been so wonderful. The last decades of the philosophy of that the beautiful half of mankind should not only educate children but also to realize themselves in the workplace, has become quite frequent. However, few bothered about what zhenastoyaschie feelings of women who It took sootvetstsvovat this conventional wisdom Judgement. The need to break away from the century-old tradition was the fact that the fate of the girls was really bitter when they decided to take another's role and oppytatsya turn into men. At this point the woman again became defined not as a comrade men or, conversely, a worthy competitor in the career or business, as well as a homemaker. I want to believe that this situation does not change, and the true pride of women will only cause those of its features, which are designed by nature to her.