Energy Capital

Thing value secured and inflation-protected commodity investment with State guarantee Stuttgart, February 11, 2011. After a hugely successful year 2010 of the Stuttgart-based energy company energy capital invest recently launched with the placement of the now ninth participation, the U.S. oil and gas Fund IX GmbH & co. KG”. The Fund the Fund is designed as a private placement amounts to EUR 21 million (plus five percent agio); a participation is possible from 200,000 euros.

The placement is scheduled for 2011 in the first quarter. The highlight of our previously established investments is undoubtedly the US oil and gas Fund IX GmbH & co. KG. In addition to the exceptional Fund fundamentals and an investment rate of 95 percent, a security package comes to fruition, which is unparalleled in the market. In addition we want to thank this system also for our partners in the sales, which benefit from a very attractive remuneration approach directly to the economic success of the ninth participation”, says Fund Managing Director Kay Rieck. Again is invested with the fund capital in the exploration of oil and natural gas in the United States. The necessary mineral extraction rights were already purchased by the initiator of the Fund and placed free of charge in the exploration company. As in the predecessor fund all income from exploration, as well as from the sale of the mineral rights are primarily investors, until the maximum amount of profit is reached.

The fifth private placement is characterized among other things by attractive Fund fundamentals. So, the maximum profit share is 15 percent per year and that a flexible investor maturity of participation. In addition, oil and gas Fund IX KG with a unique security package was designed from the US. So a State, to undertake the exploration costs to 100 percent guarantee for the first hole. This statutory guarantee investors of the US oil and gas Fund IX KG gives a nearly full capital protection. Design according to get investors in addition to strong rising inflation an attractive increase in their maximum profit as compensation. Total energy capital invest proved so far a very safe and successful hand in their holdings. All funds set up within at least the plan most significantly over the original brochure approach. The last private placement energy capital invest already was more than twice oversubscribed after a very short time and was able to pay a parent scheduled distribution of 50 percent of deposits to investors within a year.