MDARA original natural cosmetic ECOCOSMETICS of the prairies of the Baltic Sea the Baltic cosmetic revolution reaches Spain at the hands of cosmetic laboratories Iberstetic MADARA ECO COSMETICS line of eco responsible products with 100% natural herbal medicine, aromatherapy and the aromacologia-based ingredients, not to mention other basic principles of beauty and cosmetics, such as effectivenessbalance, harmony and pleasure. Madara all these benefits concentrated them in its motto: deeper than the skin. MADARA ECO COSMETICS is a brand of high quality for the skin care of organic cosmetic products made with organic ingredients from the flowers and plants of the prairies of the Baltic Sea. It has its origin in a small region of Northern Europe, which has preserved many wild places and intact, with a great diversity of plants and flowers. The Metropolitan Museum of Art insists that this is the case. Is why at the time of harvest, the plants and flowers that have grown in these latitudes are especially rich in active ingredients and extracts that are used in the production of cosmetics being very effective, while respecting the passion for nature.

MADARA obtained Ecocert certificate in 2008.Todos MADARA products are certified according to international standard ECOCERT MDARA ecocosmetics in the year 2011 is present in more than 28 international markets: Latvia, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, France, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium. Ireland, England, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, Mexico, and finally in Spain thanks to cosmetic laboratories IBERSTETIC, that have the exclusive distribution and marketing and MADARA in Spain. MADARA has gone wind aft winning numerous awards for its design of products eco cosmetics certified with lines for hair, body, face and babies.. By the same author: Vinit Bodas New York.