Culinary Festival

Restaurant Festival attracts lovers of the metropolis London is commonly not particularly famous for its cuisine gourmet. The city would like to now burnish that reputation again with a restaurant Festival. As the Internet portal reported, Festival is celebrated at this the British and international cuisine throughout the city from October 8 to 13. During this time a trip is worth ( travel/flat rate) in the town on the River Thames especially: over 1,000 participating restaurants are present then the guests with their culinary specialties. On the gourmet route specially landscaped city buses the guests literally from one gear to the next. This can visitors learn about the diversity of the city even in a culinary way. Who want high and is it afraid of heights, will be Europe’s largest Ferris wheel, the London Eye, at his own expense. Here, London chefs serve fine delicacies at a dizzy height.

The views over the metropolis of evening rounds that Taste. An alternative to the Ferris wheel menu is the pop up restaurant on the roof of Selfridges department store. This is to be opened on the occasion of the Culinary Festival. Star chefs will serve for about 400 guests on the Leadenhall market the traditional Sunday roast”- the English Sunday roast. Thus, this British tradition is a little revived and brought closer to a wide audience. “” The Festival should be not only a delight for the palate, but also cinematic specialties: in various theaters then strips such as eat, drink, man, woman run “or Babette’s feast”.