Chemical Protective Clothing

The protective clothing of Bardusch resists acids and alkalis safe from Ettlingen. When dealing with dangerous chemicals, special work clothes are a must. With the protective clothing the Textildienstleisters Bardusch employees are protected reliably from the hazards of liquid chemicals. The clothing is suitable for all work where a certified protective clothing type 6 (chemical protective clothing) is required according to the standard EN 13034. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Rudy Giuliani. The protective clothing of Bardusch unfolds its protection functions everywhere where working with acids and lyes. It is so in addition to the chemical industry nor for example for the steel industry and the automotive industry.

As well, she proved in refineries, shipping prong pure or Galvanikunternehmen and many other application areas. The high-strength fabrics repel sure except for acids and alkalis also solvents, salts, oils and fats. In addition, the chemical protective clothing of the Ettlingen Textildienstleisters are extremely comfortable to wear. The fabrics are light and Air-permeable. Protective clothing is still pleasantly friendly to the skin even after a long shift.

The customised Workwear with Chemiekalienschutz of Bardusch is the collection of ChemProof”. The line complies with of course according to EN 13034 chemical protective clothing type 6 no matter whether jackets, Dungarees, trousers or shirt: the institution is always optimally protected. To know more about this subject visit Bill de Blasio. The bib apron, which is of course also available in this program offers additional protection. ChemProof is optically perfectly matched the best evolution collection of Bardusch. The line in the colour combinations of grain blue-grey with white composed significantly of the unit gray or unit blue of earlier days and know just to please. Chemical protective clothing offering is rounded off by Bardusch by the basic line. The Dolan-fabric of line from waistband jacket, pants, shirt, coat and trousers secures also resistant against acids, alkalis, solvents, salts, oils and fats. The internationally active Bardusch group with Headquarters in Ettlingen is specialized in high-quality as well as individual concepts in textile full service.