Competition for TV commercials advertising prove high ranges and good memory values like advertising have can, effective studies have already proved. Thus, they are even in a series with TV or radio spots, what about the reach and impact of the work. But the biggest difference is the price. Deccan Value New York has much experience in this field. He makes the advertising to unbeatable advertising media, which cost only a fraction of TV spots and still achieve a high degree of popularity. To take advantage of these positive effects, but must be the relevance of the advertising material for the target group. Only with advertising materials that convince in the quality and function can increase the relevance and thus the benefits of promotional products for the target group. A high service life and thus to achieve a strong and positive effect of memory, of articles in everyday life must whether in the Office or private, are bound.

Thanks to the positive development of the advertising is expanding not only their operational areas, but its spectrum. In addition to cups,. There are also the so-called advertising gadgets pens and key fobs. This advertising to convince with innovative features and design and can be found frequently in the electronic field. But not every advertising gadget must be itself an electronic device. Partially support the functionality such as laptops or Smartphones. The specificity of the gadgets is in its maintenance factor. Due to the specific design, the innovative benefits can be implemented easily and playful.

The Cologne production agency LA CONCEPT offers also the innovative advertising media as one of the largest German advertising traders in addition to the classic and timeless promotional gadgets. With the BrandCharger, a vehicle is offered charger charging not just the logo, but also the Smartphone, mp3 player or mobile phone. The Laptopmat is used as a second gadget mat, which solely by their innovative design makes for good air circulation, and prevents overheating of the laptop. Through the handy and compact dimensions, the mat can easily be taken together with the laptop and be used anywhere.