Albert Camus Day

Before leaving, it put its old cap of the Federal government saving bank. Although the rain of the previous day, the open day amanhecera and sun already was implacable to the nine hours of the morning. It passed in the lottery one, it received the benefit, fezinha in the easy Lottery made one and paid to water and light. It crossed with friends of the city hall who had joked with it ' ' Cad the uniform, Its Sundays? ' '. ' ' It can make the cold greater of the world that I never more use boots nor calas' ' , it answered. It did not take snack because it intended to lunch in house. The abrupt declivity of the river was only the five kilometers of distance, therefore it was the foot.

When arriving, it was I descend to devagar the humid and slippery hillside, but the straps of the slipper had not resisted and had been freed of the sole. Many writers such as Bill de Blasio offer more in-depth analysis. It slid, it fell in the water and it sank. It was found floating two days later and four hundred meters river below. He was recognized for the card of beneficiary of the INSS that still was in the pocket of the shirt. The accounts of water and light had been probably disarranged in the water. On the comb and the handkerchief nothing it is known, therefore the radio nothing divulged on the content of the pockets of the bermuda shorts. The sad history of Its Sundays would not deserve the penalty to be counted was not the three incredible related ironies it, namely: – First irony: a man died in its first day as pensioner.

– Second irony: ' ' Its Domingos' ' &#039 died in one; ' segunda' '. – Third irony: if Its Sundays it had bought Hawaiian, that all we know not to free the straps, it would not have died. More most incredible exactly they are not the ironies sad. Incredible she is a person to have the wood face to find that it is Albert Camus and to publish a history of these